Last night was weird. Walking around the city at night, just wasting time, felt really odd. I got that feeling like I’m in a movie. Ate my dinner at Union Square park, then had my session with Sherri. Last one next Tuesday.

Anyway, today I have the cold read intensive with Jamibeth Margolis. We have to do a short monologue before we get our sides, and I’m going to do one from 30 Rock. Kinda excited about it, since I love this one, and I may bring it into the rotation if it goes well.

Trying to learn some lines from the shows, little by little. I get easily distracted when I’m trying to do something tedious like that, so I’m having a hard time.

I can’t even write a whole thing right now, since I’m feeling so ADD. Oh well.

Wish me luck tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.