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Day 179: State

Psh… what a Friday. Just want to get out of here, but I have 5 hours and 25 minutes. Cripes.

Last night we had a short brush up rehearsal for Privy, which I think will liven the show up a great deal Just some character work, trying to create conflict within the show. With what we did yesterday, it should be much more watchable and enjoyable for the audience. Coming in a little early on Saturday to clean up our shadow work, and do another line-through.

Tonight, my epic boyfriend is taking me to see the Mets play my hometown boys, the D-Backs! I would’ve loved to wear my d-backs cap (a nice combo with the free Mets shirt we’ll be getting- my two teams), but that is back… There. That place where most of my things are, that place that I no longer call “home.” Ugg. Not looking forward to going back there this weekend. But if all goes well with the viewing of the apartment in Staten Island tomorrow, then I won’t have to come back there too much more. Eew.

Have a nice weekend.




Day 178: Hope

I’m going to see an apartment on Staten Island on Saturday. Please cross all fingers and toes, and make offerings to whichever deity you so choose.

Other than that, we had a great showing of Pig Robbery last night. It’s so much fun to show up, hang with my friends, and then do a little 15 minute show. The audience was responsive, and outside the theater, a few dudes stopped us and said we did a great job. So yay! Plus I bumped into a friend from Kaspar Hauser on the street. 🙂

Tonight we have a brush-up rehearsal for Queen’s Privy. Definitely need that… the only downside is that we’re BACK in the haunted theater of mold. Greeeeeeeaat…

Oh man, I am just praying to jeebus that this apartment becomes mine. MINE. MINE!!!



Day 177: Dolls

Hey guys.

Dealing with the depression fallout from the apartment drama. This whole situation was not in my plans for this year, so I’m panicking. I’m going to see at least one broker tonight after work, since apparently even one extra month is such a huge thing to ask for. So sick of assholes.


Went to see The Kids Are All Right last night and it was really good. Then boyfriend and I walked around The Container Store, and I brainstormed about what’s going to go in my studio apartment, as well as my makeup studio. Boyfriend is really doing his best to keep me cheered up right now, and I’m really glad for that. Otherwise I’d just be moping around the apartment I’m no longer welcome in. So big thanks go out to him, he’s pretty much indispensable.

Got a show of The Great Pig Robbery tonight, at 8pm, The Producer’s Club, $25 tickets. COME SEE, I SWEAR IT’S FANTASTIC. 



Day 176: home

Well, I can’t really talk too much about this, cuz I’ll start crying, but I need to find another apartment. And I’m seriously going to consider spending the extra cash and getting a studio, because it might just be about time for me to stop living with other people. It’s just too complicated.

I went to the gym last night, which was good, but the rest of the night… was not. I don’t even feel like writing anymore about yesterday, because it just plain sucked.

So, if you know of a good housing opportunity for me in the city (or thereabouts, perhaps it’s time to look at Long Island), let me know. Sorry there isn’t more to read today, but I’m just a bit depressed and pissed off. Moving sucks.



Whoo, what a weekend.

Saturday, there was a tech call for the late night show, that had unfortunately been announced a little late in the game. So, I was the only one there. Awesome. 🙂 Add to that the fact that there were some technical difficulties that prevented us from getting started on time, and I ended up being there for a couple of hours and only got on stage for about 10 minutes. But honestly, it was kinda fun to hang around and talk with Kenny, and I didn’t mind being there alone. I didn’t have any reason not to come, so I was happy to do what I could for the show. So after that, I went home and chilled for a bit with the boyfriend. Later in the evening, we headed back out into the gravy, and our cast had a little mini-run and line-thru while we got ready. Then… it began.

Privy was interesting. I was a little nervous about how it was going to go, since we had changed a bunch of things just a few days ago. And honestly, aside from some lines being dropped, it went OK. The only thing that was a little annoying was that the audience was a little reserved. It’s difficult to be out on stage, saying things that are supposed to be funny, and the audience just sits there. But there also might have been some issues with acoustics, so maybe we just didn’t hear them laughing. We have decided to have another rehearsal to further try to clean things up.

Since the line-up of that night had changed, we were doing Pig Robbery to close the show. And that was AWESOME! It was pretty much perfect. We had a lot of fun up there, and I did hear some audience response. It was a lot of fun.

I didn’t end up leaving the theater until after 12:30, and didn’t get home til near 2… so yeah, those late night shows are gonna be a bitch. 🙂

Sunday was spent sleeping, eating, and hanging out. Just how’s I like it.

Today I’m going to the gym!!!!! HOORAY!



Day 172: Timer

Woosh. Yesterday’s rehearsal was intense. We work on our music for a while, which actually went pretty well. We ended up cutting one of the songs that was giving us a little bit of trouble, instead using some of the lines as spoken dialogue. I think that will definitely make things a bit easier. Then we did a lot of work on the middle chunk of the play, restaging a lot of it, and trying to squeeze every drop of humor out of each moment. Kenny decided that my character needs to be very straight-laced and tight, almost a politician. With that in mind, I think I’m going to try to bring some Hillary into the middle ages. 🙂 Well, I’ll give it a shot.

Then we all got freaked out by the ghosts in the theater. I didn’t see anything, but someone else did, and Kenny told us that he and others had seen creepy things in the theater before… we’re back there tonight, and I’m praying I don’t see anything tonight. I’ll just keep my eyes on the floor. 🙂

So tonight we are running, running, running. Full costumes and props. 3 runs total, with notes. Yeesh. Another late night, to be sure, but at least it’s Friday, and I can sleep in. We open tomorrow at 10:30pm at The Producer’s Club. Check it out, it’s going to be a ridiculous night.



Day 171: Vicky

Yesterday was kinda nice. Since I had forgotten my gym sneakers at boyfriend’s apartment, I didn’t get to go to the gym. I just went home after work… what a concept! Not running around the city, trying to make it to some crazy theater, rehearsal, or the gym. Just… going home! Well, I stopped at the grocery store first. Man, it is a ridiculous joy to have food in the house again! I got some food ideas from sparkpeople, and spent some money… OH well, at least I’m fed. 🙂

Tonight we’re back at rehearsals for Queen’s Privy. We’re going to be going over music (yay) and working out scenes to get more humor out of them. Kenny wants me to cultivate some more character in my role, possibly trying to make her more of a nerd. Well, I know I can do that! Too bad we’re in the same theater from last week… ick.



Day 170: Thing

Last night went great! There was a bit of confusion on when we were supposed to arrive for a final tech run, but we rolled with the punches. Once we had done our tech, we all had to squeeze into the tiny tiny dressing room with the cast of the other shows… man, that was a trial. This room had to be 100sq feet or so, and between 15 or so people, it was almost impossible to get ready. But we all pulled it together (I mean, what choice did we have?).

The performance actually went pretty well. Aside from some very minor hiccups, we rocked it. My song was very well received, and the audience was responsive. We went out afterwards and had a few drinks at the Rogue. Excellent way to open up. 🙂

Tonight we’re off, and then tomorrow we’re starting dress rehearsals and final clean up for Privy (yikes). Apparently Kenny is going to be adding an element to try to make the story have more of a structure. I’m a little nervous about it, but if the way that Pig Robbery turned out is any indication, I’m sure it’ll be great.

Looking forward to grocery shopping tonight… I would be going to the gym, but I was a dumbass and left my sneakers at boyfriend’s. Oh well…



Oh man, I am in Inception right now, cuz I am le tired. We were in a different theater last night for rehearsal, and this place was a complete HOLE. Moldy, dark, full of the insects, and HOT as balls. So gross… Anyway, I got there too early and had to sit outside the church above the theater and wait for someone to come with the key. Sweating. With a baked potato. Fantastic.

Got into the dank theater and put on my face and did my hurr, and then we went over some scenes. Trying to get some more laughs, and clean up all the stuff that needed to be cleaned. Kenny’s friend came and did our promo shots, which was actually pretty fun (hope I look ok). We then did a final dress run, which while not perfect, was totally serviceable and fun. After notes, Kenny officially handed the show over to us. 🙂

I didn’t get home until 10:35ish and didn’t get sleep until later… so yeah, I am a zombie today. Don’t plan on making it home tonight before the show, as we’re called at 6:30. So I’ll be heading over there after work, get some grub, and try to nap… maybe.

TONIGHT, 8PM. THE PRODUCER’S CLUB (358 w. 44th street), THE GRAND THEATER. $25. THE INTERNATIONAL CRINGEFEST… come and vote for our play, and ME. 🙂



This weekend was full of rehearsing and craziness. Saturday, boyfriend and I went on a little hunt for a textbook in Flushing. I got to see St. John’s, his school, which looks like a modern and well stocked campus. We also had a nice lunch at a nearby Italian place, and then I went and bought some jeans (as part of my costume for Pig Robbery). Then, that night, we had some more rehearsal for Pig Robbery. We spent some good time going over music, and I tried on some costume options.

Sunday, we had tech for Queen’s Privy. Got into the theater at 11am, set light and music cues, and worked on some transitions. We had a pretty big break in between that and when we were going to do our first run, so boyfriend came into the city and we went to see Inception.

OK, seriously? This movie is friggin’ amazing. I’m going to have to see this several times. To me, that’s a really fantastic thing, when you can watch something over and over and get something else from it each time. There was just so much content, and it was so complicated, it really wasn’t possible to get everything in the first watching. But it reminded me of Memento (another fantastic Chris Nolan movie) in that way. The acting was great, and it was so cool for me to get to see some of my favorite actors all in one movie. I think this has a chance at a few Oscars.

Anyway. After that break, we got back to business. We did our first run through, completely off book, with music, lighting, and costumes… and it was a mess! Wow. But Kenny said that it was exactly what it should have been at this point, and that we do have 2 more days of rehearsal to pull it together. I’m going to work as hard as I can to get my stuff perfect, and I know that my other cast members will do that as well. As long as we get some scenes ironed out, and everything is memorized, it will be good… It’s just stressful. Yay theater.

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal and photo call for Pig Robbery. We open tomorrow!