Went to the gym last night, that felt nice. I cna’ wait til I’m back to the routine of being able to go every morning. That was great… Anyway.

Today is the actual day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Not July 4th. Did you know that? Thank you middle school social studies. Anyway, I spent this morning making a kick ass binder for all my Artists in Action paperwork, hopefully this will keep me organized. It helps having the work be tangible, on paper, instead of on my computer as pdfs. Now it actually takes up space, and will be a little harder for me to forget it. 🙂 Anyway. This month is about time management, which is apropos for me. When I met with Betsy Capes, we came up with the plan that I will let The Network go until after the CringeFest is done, so I have less to worry about. Also, I will go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and not beat myself up about not being able to get there all the time (Betsy is also my accountability partner on this). As assignment in this month’s lecture was to set official “office hours” for each week, set time to be devoted to my acting career. I’ve got some things already filled in for this week, such as learning some more of my lines this weekend. It’s important to me that I return to rehearsals with a good grasp on the material. I don’t have to be off book, but the closer I am, the easier it will be to really go full-on into the staging and fight choreography (that’s right, I kick ass). Anyway, that’s what’s going on today.

Oh, and I’m also going to Ikea this afternoon (yay half day) and getting a new bed! That will not have ever been slept on by anyone but me! Novelty!

Have a nice holiday weekend, y’all.