Yay holiday weekend. Friday I got out of work early, and thank god, because the boyfriend and I went to Ikea to buy me a bed. When we got there, after 3, the crowds were managable, but by the time we left, round 5:30, that place was getting hairy. Add to that how complicated it is to get from Red Hook to Astoria (1 shuttle bus, 3 trains), and the heat. Anyway, the people at Ikea told me that the bed would be delivered between 6 and 10. We didn’t get back to my place until almost 7, so we were a little nervous. But they hadn’t come, so we chilled for a little while, and around 8:30, we took my mattress out of my bedroom, thinking that it couldn’t be too much longer… Yeah, bed didn’t come until 11:10pm. Bastards. It was way too late to try to assemble the thing, plus poor boyfriend was operating on 4 hours of sleep and had to leave early the next morning to catch a bus back to Rochester. Anyway, we put the mattress back in my room and went to bed.

Next morning we took it back out again, he left, and I watched Bridget Jones (way too early to wake my roommates with noisy bed assembly). Round 10:30 I got started putting the thing together, and I was finally finished with everything around 1:15ish. Chilled, then got ready to go see Henry the 6th, Part 3, put on by Wide Eyed Productions. Man, that was FANTASTIC, and I’m not just saying that because they’re my friends. They just put on such consistently incredible shows, and I hope that one day I can be in something they do. Seriously, go see it. It’s fantastic. Great acting, INSANE set (as usual, the scenic design for their shows is always SO COOL), and a beautiful theater. Love them…

Anyway. Sunday I went up to Connecticut for a short visit, since there is a little movie out right now (don’t know if you’ve heard of it) called Eclipse, and there’s only one person I can see that with: my sister. She’s the only person I know that’s as insane and weird as I am, and who will enjoy a Twilight movie with me. It was GREAT. There were things we would change of course, but for the most part, I felt it followed the book well, and the things they added or didn’t include were all appropriate and didn’t damage the film as a whole. I’ll probably see it again… like 3 more times. I’m a nerd. We had some dinner (fajitas!), and rented some flicks, where I found a giant framed picture of Coldplay on sale for 10 bucks… and I could not resist. Seriously. So Monday night I headed back, giant picture in tow, on a bus with no AC. Awesome.

SO- that’s what happened. I did some work on my lines, and I have a basic frame on a lot of Queen’s Privy, which was the show I was most worried about. I know the lines will be reinforced when I practice more, and during rehearsal. Tech for Pig Robbery is NEXT WEEK! AAAAH! Rehearsals will be super intense now, with all the work we have left to do, but I really trust Kenny Wade and the rest of the casts to get it together. YAY. Theater.

Tonight I’m having my final session with my therapist. That’s cool.