I’m getting all these views from weirdo spam/phishing sites, and I don’t like it. WordPress, why are all these bullshit sites referring my blog? I like views, but only legitimate ones that aren’t creeptastic. Thanks.

Anyway, last night was my last session with Sherri, my therapist. We reflected on where I’ve come since I started, and what still deserves my attention as I move on. I’ve had a lot of progress with my expectations and attachments, and I still need to work on my rage (and try to heal the wound from my childhood that this is a reaction to… blah blah blah). I’m glad that I took the initiative to do this for myself last year, as I really needed it. I know that some of the progress I have made since then has had to do with what I’ve learned there. Therapy is a good thing, and I recommend it. I think that the people who are so passionately opposed to therapy are the people who need it the most. 🙂 At least, that’s been my experience. Anyway, letting this go is a step for me, I think in a good direction. I am going to try to swim without the water wings now, I guess. I think I can handle it.

Sherri also told me about a church that maybe would be cool for me. Unity. Perhaps I’ll check it out soon.

So, tonight we get back on track with rehearsals for CringeFest, and we’re having music rehearsal tonight! YAY! I can’t wait to hear my solo. I get a big song, full of innuendo, in which I and the other townswomen smear ourselves with peach preserves. Yup.