Apparently all the unsolicited views I’ve been getting from random websites is called “referral Spam.” So yay, now there’s a new way to screw with people online! But you’ve been had, spammers! My site doesn’t publicly show my top referrers, and I sure as hell am not going to click on your links! So BOOYAH! GET A REAL JOB!

Anyway. Last night we got back in the swing of things at rehearsal. We got to work on the songs from The Great Pig Robbery, and they’re actually pretty good. I’m totally in love with the 3 part harmony that I’m doing as backup for the male lead’s number. It’s actually very pretty, if you disregard the fact that we’ll be wearing pig masks and dancing with corndogs (god I love my life). And my solo is pretty bitchin, I have to say. My director and musical director are both very cool cats and they’re letting me play around with it a little, and giving me the opportunity to wail. Plus, I’ll apparently be getting to use my step team skills for the first time since the fall spirit assembly junior year. 🙂 FANTASTIC.

Tonight we’re doing the music for Queen’s Privy, which I’m anxious to learn. Hopefully this time I will remember the batteries to my voice recorder! Ha-cha!