Lots of rehearsal this weekend, as well as some time with the boyfriend. Saturday we had a lovely music rehearsal at the apartment of the founder of the CringeFest. It was a bit cramped, as we couldn’t move the piano out of the small foyer, but we got a lot of good work done. Afterwards, BF and I went out and had a really great dinner at Ivo & Lulu. Then I basically forced him to go see a movie. I really wanted to see The Kids Are All Right, but the one theater around that was playing it had 2 sold out shows… poop. So we went to see The Last Airbender, which DID NOT SUCK. Too many people are hating on M. Night. Yes, the dialogue was wooden, but I could look past that, seeing as the effects were really cool, and I enjoyed the story. I hope they get to make more of them…

Anyway. Sunday, BF and I went to check out the Unity church, that my therapist had recommended to me. It’s always a little weird going to a church that I’ve never been to before, as there is a community already in place. There was some interesting music, a good message, and a period of meditation. I can definitely see myself going again, as I think it’s a lot closer to my personal philosophies.

Then we had another rehearsal, staging some more numbers in the shows, and I was able to be off book for most of it! YAY!

Tonight we don’t have any rehearsal, and I’ll be heading to the gym. Hooray for that as well.