OH man, I am tired. But I’m working it, trying to be fabulous.

Went to kickboxing last night, and I can definitely tell that I’m not exercising the same way I used to. My stamina was down a bit, not accounting for just being in a bit of a poopy mood. But I made it through, and went home to make a pretty good dinner for me and the boy (if I do say so myself).

Tonight we have rehearsal for Pig Robbery, and tech rehearsal is tomorrow! Already! I can’t believe how fast we’re moving. I’m excited to see how it all pulls together, and to see all the projection elements that have been designed for us. This is going to be a fun show, I hope that a lot of people can come see it. 🙂 We open a week from today! AAAH! 8pm at the Grand Theater at The Producer’s Club. Come and see. Laugh. Pigs.

Meditating today, trying to lift my vibration. Looking forward to going back to Unity on Sunday. 🙂