So yesterday was excellent. I had such a great time with my cast, rehearsing, teching, eating, playing around. We started the night with setting up the light cues, and doing a quick run of those cues. We had a nice dinner break, in which a bunch of us went to Don Giovanni’s and had some pizza and wine (essential before a tech rehearsal). When we got back, we hung out a bit and ran lines, and then we were on for our very first run-thru. And whoo-ee, that was a serious ride. We had never done the thing from top to bottom before, with lighting, props and our accompanist. And honestly, it was a bit of a mess, but super fun. And, the kicker, the heads of the festival liked our work so much that they moved our show from last of the evening to FIRST! That way any industry that comes will be sure to see it, in case they choose to leave at the intermission. Then we went out for drinks afterwards and enjoyed our general awesomeness. 🙂

Tonight is another rehearsal for Queen’s Privy, and we’ll set up some of the last numbers we have left to go. Then I think we’ll be having a little photo call in our costumes for Pig Robbery, as well as fittings for Queen’s Privy (apparently our costumes are insane).

I’m having a ball, seriously. 🙂