This weekend was full of rehearsing and craziness. Saturday, boyfriend and I went on a little hunt for a textbook in Flushing. I got to see St. John’s, his school, which looks like a modern and well stocked campus. We also had a nice lunch at a nearby Italian place, and then I went and bought some jeans (as part of my costume for Pig Robbery). Then, that night, we had some more rehearsal for Pig Robbery. We spent some good time going over music, and I tried on some costume options.

Sunday, we had tech for Queen’s Privy. Got into the theater at 11am, set light and music cues, and worked on some transitions. We had a pretty big break in between that and when we were going to do our first run, so boyfriend came into the city and we went to see Inception.

OK, seriously? This movie is friggin’ amazing. I’m going to have to see this several times. To me, that’s a really fantastic thing, when you can watch something over and over and get something else from it each time. There was just so much content, and it was so complicated, it really wasn’t possible to get everything in the first watching. But it reminded me of Memento (another fantastic Chris Nolan movie) in that way. The acting was great, and it was so cool for me to get to see some of my favorite actors all in one movie. I think this has a chance at a few Oscars.

Anyway. After that break, we got back to business. We did our first run through, completely off book, with music, lighting, and costumes… and it was a mess! Wow. But Kenny said that it was exactly what it should have been at this point, and that we do have 2 more days of rehearsal to pull it together. I’m going to work as hard as I can to get my stuff perfect, and I know that my other cast members will do that as well. As long as we get some scenes ironed out, and everything is memorized, it will be good… It’s just stressful. Yay theater.

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal and photo call for Pig Robbery. We open tomorrow!