Oh man, I am in Inception right now, cuz I am le tired. We were in a different theater last night for rehearsal, and this place was a complete HOLE. Moldy, dark, full of the insects, and HOT as balls. So gross… Anyway, I got there too early and had to sit outside the church above the theater and wait for someone to come with the key. Sweating. With a baked potato. Fantastic.

Got into the dank theater and put on my face and did my hurr, and then we went over some scenes. Trying to get some more laughs, and clean up all the stuff that needed to be cleaned. Kenny’s friend came and did our promo shots, which was actually pretty fun (hope I look ok). We then did a final dress run, which while not perfect, was totally serviceable and fun. After notes, Kenny officially handed the show over to us. 🙂

I didn’t get home until 10:35ish and didn’t get sleep until later… so yeah, I am a zombie today. Don’t plan on making it home tonight before the show, as we’re called at 6:30. So I’ll be heading over there after work, get some grub, and try to nap… maybe.

TONIGHT, 8PM. THE PRODUCER’S CLUB (358 w. 44th street), THE GRAND THEATER. $25. THE INTERNATIONAL CRINGEFEST… come and vote for our play, and ME. 🙂