Last night went great! There was a bit of confusion on when we were supposed to arrive for a final tech run, but we rolled with the punches. Once we had done our tech, we all had to squeeze into the tiny tiny dressing room with the cast of the other shows… man, that was a trial. This room had to be 100sq feet or so, and between 15 or so people, it was almost impossible to get ready. But we all pulled it together (I mean, what choice did we have?).

The performance actually went pretty well. Aside from some very minor hiccups, we rocked it. My song was very well received, and the audience was responsive. We went out afterwards and had a few drinks at the Rogue. Excellent way to open up. 🙂

Tonight we’re off, and then tomorrow we’re starting dress rehearsals and final clean up for Privy (yikes). Apparently Kenny is going to be adding an element to try to make the story have more of a structure. I’m a little nervous about it, but if the way that Pig Robbery turned out is any indication, I’m sure it’ll be great.

Looking forward to grocery shopping tonight… I would be going to the gym, but I was a dumbass and left my sneakers at boyfriend’s. Oh well…