Yesterday was kinda nice. Since I had forgotten my gym sneakers at boyfriend’s apartment, I didn’t get to go to the gym. I just went home after work… what a concept! Not running around the city, trying to make it to some crazy theater, rehearsal, or the gym. Just… going home! Well, I stopped at the grocery store first. Man, it is a ridiculous joy to have food in the house again! I got some food ideas from sparkpeople, and spent some money… OH well, at least I’m fed. 🙂

Tonight we’re back at rehearsals for Queen’s Privy. We’re going to be going over music (yay) and working out scenes to get more humor out of them. Kenny wants me to cultivate some more character in my role, possibly trying to make her more of a nerd. Well, I know I can do that! Too bad we’re in the same theater from last week… ick.