Hey guys.

Dealing with the depression fallout from the apartment drama. This whole situation was not in my plans for this year, so I’m panicking. I’m going to see at least one broker tonight after work, since apparently even one extra month is such a huge thing to ask for. So sick of assholes.


Went to see The Kids Are All Right last night and it was really good. Then boyfriend and I walked around The Container Store, and I brainstormed about what’s going to go in my studio apartment, as well as my makeup studio. Boyfriend is really doing his best to keep me cheered up right now, and I’m really glad for that. Otherwise I’d just be moping around the apartment I’m no longer welcome in. So big thanks go out to him, he’s pretty much indispensable.

Got a show of The Great Pig Robbery tonight, at 8pm, The Producer’s Club, $25 tickets. COME SEE, I SWEAR IT’S FANTASTIC.