Psh… what a Friday. Just want to get out of here, but I have 5 hours and 25 minutes. Cripes.

Last night we had a short brush up rehearsal for Privy, which I think will liven the show up a great deal Just some character work, trying to create conflict within the show. With what we did yesterday, it should be much more watchable and enjoyable for the audience. Coming in a little early on Saturday to clean up our shadow work, and do another line-through.

Tonight, my epic boyfriend is taking me to see the Mets play my hometown boys, the D-Backs! I would’ve loved to wear my d-backs cap (a nice combo with the free Mets shirt we’ll be getting- my two teams), but that is back… There. That place where most of my things are, that place that I no longer call “home.” Ugg. Not looking forward to going back there this weekend. But if all goes well with the viewing of the apartment in Staten Island tomorrow, then I won’t have to come back there too much more. Eew.

Have a nice weekend.