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We’re pretty much getting thrown into full applications at this point, just to get more comfortable with our tools and products. It’s a bit crazy. I played around with my kit today, and I learned that I need a bit more practice with the gel eyeliner…

I put an invite on Facebook for any friends who might want to allow me to practice on them. If you’re willing, hit me up.

That seems to be it for now, not a lot of change since midnight. 🙂




Aw, missed getting this post in on time by 1 minute! Oh well, you’ll have to forgive me, my life exploded.

It’s been a hell of a few weeks for me here. Got kicked out of my apartment, found a new one, moved, started makeup school, and now, i’ve been laid off. Fantastic! And I mean that. If you’d have told me a month ago where I’d be right now, I’d have been gobsmacked (awesome word). But here I am. And as scary as it is to be without a steady job, I’m trying my best to enjoy it while I can. I have the money to sustain me for a few months, and I have some prospects on the horizon. I actually scheduled an interview for next week for a cosmetics counter position at the Herald Square Macy’s, so that’s awesome (god I hope I get it, and so on). I might actually be on my way to getting everything I wanted, and a few months earlier than I had planned. So thanks Universe, for keeping it real.

And in the meantime, I’ll be going to more open calls than I’ve been to in 2 years! Which is not hard to do… I’ll let you know how everything turns out.



Day 193: Oh.

So, I got laid off.  And that is going to be a good thing. I am resilient, and strong, and talented, and now I have the time to really pursue my passions. And get paid for them. 🙂

So, the ball’s in your court now, casting peeps. I am fully available for you.

Love, Luck, and Lollipops-


Day 192: Rush

Yesterday was better getting home. I still missed the 10:50pm bus, but at least I was cool about it.

Anyway. Yesterday we did some more drills, got our brush kits, and learned about how to match foundation. Today, we are going to watch a basic application! Very excited to finally get to this part. And, not only that, but we also get our kits today! Looking at Makeup Geek, I am really starting to become aware of how much product you actually need to have, as a makeup artist. I think I might have to set out a portion of my monthly budget to spend on makeup supplies, and spend it no matter what. There’s plenty that I can be getting to provide the best options to clients. The challenge will be to not spend OVER that amount… Also, to not use too much of this stuff on myself. I might have to lock this stuff in a safe.

Oh, I wish I wasn’t broke. Money (And food) are nice things to have.

I just got an email from the AMDA alumni association, advertising a few workshops they’re offering next month. I hope I responded in time to secure a spot. Knowing how many AMDA alums are in the city (pretty much 1 out of every 10 people you meet went to AMDA at some point), they might’ve been filled in seconds. But it would be great to attend one (especially the 16 bar workshop with the head of the Integrated Program), and a good way to check back in with them to show them my progress. Man, I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since I graduated… INSANE.



Day 191: Hangnail

We shall not speak of the commute home last night.

Well, makeup school is coming along well. We’re apparently moving at a great pace, and should actually be moving on to a basic beauty makeup application demo on Thursday. I am hoping that I can get some of my friends (male or female) to volunteer to be a canvas for me to practice on. I’ll be sending out a more formal invitation on facebook soon, once I’ve learned some of the basics. I can’t imagine anything more fun than to spend an afternoon playing around with makeup, taking pictures, and feeling like a little kid again. So seriously, if you’d be interested in being my Barbie for a day, please contact me. 🙂

I am also trying to figure out ideas for my brand as a makeup artist, and some inspiration ideas for our photo shoot at the beginning of September. I’m looking around for an artist or graphic designer who can work with me on creating a logo. I have an idea of what I want, so it shouldn’t be too hard. If you can help me, or know someone who can, contact me again.

That might just be it for now. Tonight… will definitely be better than the last couple of nights.



Day 190: Aidan

So last night/today was the first time I did the city commute. Last night was from DUMBO to Staten Island, and this morning it was from Staten Island to Midtown Manhattan. Yikes.

So since the International CringeFest is now over, I am attending classes to become a professional makeup artist! I’m really excited to add this skill set to my repertoire. Last night was the first class in the 4-week course. We went over some basic stuff, and found out a few of the things we’re going to be learning in the course. Classes are Monday through Thursday, for the month of August. I’m jazzed. 🙂

As far as theater goes, I know I’ll be able to market my skills as a makeup artist to the arts community as well. I’ll be very interested to learn more about makeup in the theater, and how best I can apply myself. It would be great to network with different theaters and production companies, and maybe get to audition for them later.

Kenny will be letting us know who from the industry came to see our shows, i’ll let you know as well.

I’m just going to have to learn how to maximize my time, using the long commute as an opportunity to get things done… or sleep. Sleep is good too.



Friday night we checked out the car, then headed back to Astoria. Boyfriend took my bed apart (thank you SO much), then we loaded up the bed pieces, my mattress, and the essentials. We drove over to Staten Island (getting a little sidetracked along the way), and after I paid my landlord for the month of August, we unloaded the few things we’d brought. I set up my bed, and we called it a night.

Saturday, we woke up fairly early. I kept opening my eyes and thinking “This place is mine!” Even in the bathroom, it kept making me smile. “This is my bathroom! MINE!” We got back in the truck, and stopped on the way home to have breakfast at Perkins (steak and eggs… yes). We hit a bit of traffic back on the BQE, but made it back in pretty good time. Then came the major challenge: Could we get the rest of my stuff back in one trip? That might have been easy to do in a regular size pickup, but the bed on this one was a little shorter than I had hoped. I had a fair amount of stuff, so we really weren’t sure if it would all fit. I had a few large boxes, several small boxes, a large suitcase, a small suitcase, my guitar and keyboard, a hamper full of clothes, a TV, a dresser, a nightstand, and a lamp. And it took some serious maneuvering, but we did it! I don’t know how boyfriend managed to drive all the way there with such a limited view out the back window, but he did it. We unloaded the truck again, and pretty quick, too. After little bit of strategizing on how we would spend the rest of the afternoon (I had to be at the theater at 4:30, which meant I had to leave boyfriend’s place by 3:30, and it was 1:30 when we left Staten Island), we headed back to Flushing. We hit a lot of traffic on the way back, but I did make it back to the apartment with enough time to shower and make it to the theater on time.

The shows. We had a performance of Pig Robbery at 5, then another one at 8. THEN, we had Queen’s Privy and Pig Robbery again at 10:30… Needless to say, we were punch drunk tired. I think I laughed so hard I did the equivalent of 50 situps. Our late night audience was AMAZING. I don’t know if they were drunk, young, or just as crazy as we were, but they really loved everything we did, and we loved performing for them. Afterwards, I headed back to Flushing. I couldn’t get enough sleep.

All that was left was QP and PR at 4pm on Sunday. My sister came in from CT to see them, which was great. I think my cast and I were still recovering from Saturday, but we had a great last show, and afterwards there was a little awards ceremony to celebrate the end of the festival. We didn’t win anything, but it was a nice way to close things up. Then boyfriend and I headed BACK to Flushing…

I would say that I’ll be recovering further from this weekend tonight, BUT… tonight I start classes at Chic Studios! I’m going back to Staten Island after class, so please pray that the transit gods are on my side and I get home before midnight. Hooray life. 🙂



Day 186: Rolling

So today is the day when the move begins! I can’t believe that I did this so quick, that I found such a cool place, and that in 2 weeks, my life has taken this cool new direction. 🙂

I’ve spent this morning getting psyched for makeup school! Been watching tutorial videos on my new favorite site, I’m so excited to get started, and I’m even more excited to see my kit! AAAH! $850 worth of makeup and tools… fantastic. I just have to exercise some prudence and not use it all on myself, haha! Class starts Monday evening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally learn some more skills, and be on my way to having a fabulous side-career.

The final shows of Pig Robbery and Queen’s Privy are this weekend, and I’ve just been handed some news about discount codes for the last shows (contact me for details). Just to remind y’all, Saturday there are 2 shows of just Pig Robbery (part of the theme night Is That A Corncob In Your Pocket?) at 5 and 8, and a showing of both Queen’s Privy and Pig Robbery (part of the theme night No Holes Barred) at 10:30. Then the final performance of No Holes Barred is at 4pm on Sunday. Please come check it out, I’m really proud of where these shows have come, and I’ve had so much fun being a part of them.

That’s about it for now, I’ll let you know on Monday how the move went. I’m so jazzed!



Hooray for a step in the right direction. Yes, it is, in fact, unconstitutional to deny rights to human beings based on sexual orientation. Way to read the constitution and understand that! I know there is still a battle ahead, but I welcome the battle, because it means that there is a chance for equality and civil rights to prevail in the end. And I can’t wait to be invited to my first gay wedding. 🙂

Anyway. Last night I started packing up. I think I got some good work done. I packed up the clothes I won’t be wearing in the next few days, packed up my shoes, emptied out my closet (for the most part), and de-trashed the room. Tonight I have to finish up the closet, pack up the rest of my kitchen stuff, do the bathroom, rebox some old boxes to consolidate, pack up my DVDs & such, do the linens, and take the bed apart. Shouldn’t be too hard, especially with the help of my excellent boyfriend.

I am looking forward to when I can calm down and stop stressing.

There are a ton of performances of my shows this weekend, I really hope that people can make it.

Pig Robbery at 5pm Saturday

Pig Robbery at 8pm Saturday

Queen’s Privy/Pig Robbery at 10:30pm Saturday

Queen’s Privy/Pig Robbery at 4pm Sunday.



Day 184: Express

Woosh. Yesterday was a Looooong day. I had to jet right after work to Zipcar so I could pick up my card. They closed at 5:30, so I couldn’t waste any time. According to googlemaps, if I left Zipcar by 5:15, I could get to my new place around 7 (I had to drop off my apartment and sign the lease). Yeah… that didn’t work out so well. I walked the wrong way a few times, had to wait for the train forever, missed the 5:45 ferry, took the 6:00 ferry, waited for the bus, waited while the bus driver smoked, and then rode the rickety, nearly falling apart bus for 45 minutes. Awesome. Then, while I was singing the lease, I found out that boyfriend and his friend were in SI, around the ferry. I got on the SIR, and tried to meet them there for the 9pm ferry back, but we missed that too. Then, once I was finally back in manhattan (around 10), I had to take 2 trains home. Didn’t get back til 11:15ish.

Yup. Now I’m signing up for utilities and all that jazz, realizing that the downside to living alone is that I’m now paying all these bills by myself. YAY!

Today we’re packing. And packing. And possibly taking my bed apart.

As far as theater goes, apparently there is a reviewer from the Times going to one of the other shows on Thursday, and he originally was supposed to go to our show on Monday. Poop. I feel like that one show is getting all the publicity, and no one is mentioning that there are 6 or 7 other evenings of shows… At least I’m having fun.

I could go for a big ‘ol steak.