So it’s funny to think that exactly one week ago, life was rolling along as usual, no unanticipated changes on the horizon. Then BOOM, Monday night, the bomb dropped: I have to move again. Ignoring the unfairness of the situation, the whole thing logistically presented some problems. I have to be out by September 1st, and starting next Tuesday, I’ll be in makeup school at nights, leaving me with pretty much NO time to find a place and move. Money. Moving, in and of itself, sucks so hard.

Enter my boyfriend. He stepped up to the plate, and how. Since the thought of being in that apartment made me sort of nauseous, he allowed me to stay with him, ALL WEEK. He talked me down from all my anxiety attacks, and gave me moral support. He cooked for me. He sent me texts and emails to keep my spirits up. He even put himself in a little bit of a financial squeeze in order to take me out and cheer me up. He acted as a sounding board, even when I didn’t want one. 🙂 If it weren’t for him, I would still be a quivering, snotty mess, wasted away from panic and depression. So, suffice it to say, I love him.

With boyfriend’s and family’s support, i started the apartment search, and on Thursday, saw an ad on C-list for a studio apartment on Staten Island.

Boyfriend and I went to look at it this weekend… it’s pretty awesome.

Sunday, I got the call offering me the place.

So here I am, 7 days later, planning an epic and hasty move, to my very first apartment without roommates. With makeup school fast approaching, I’m gonna move this Friday night/Saturday morning. I have 4 shows on Saturday night (yikes), so I have to get it done by 2 or so, adding in the time for travel back to boyfriend’s, a shower, and travel to the theater. But I think it is entirely possible. I mean, we did the move in 4 hours last time. Granted, we had a bigger truck, but the extended time-frame allows for multiple trips.

So if you need to track me down this week, it’s likely I will be trapped in my bedroom, packing away into the wee hours of the night. And if I’m loud while my roommates are trying to sleep, I won’t feel the least bit guilty. 🙂

Oh yeah, and we had a show on Saturday for QP and PR. QP went well after our brush up on Thursday, but strangely, Pig Robbery fell a little flat. I guess the audience got tired… We had fun, anyway.

Show for Pig Robbery tonight, The Producer’s Club, 8pm, $25. CHECK IT OUT!