A quick post before I run up to the front desk for an hour.

Last night we had a great dhow of Pig Robbery. The audience was alert, happy, and there to have fun. We could tell almost immediately from backstage that they were going to be fantastic and responsive, and they didn’t disappoint. I even got a few WOO!s after my solo. 🙂 Man, there is nothing in the world like a theater full of people who really WANT to enjoy themselves. They have it in their mind that they are going to have a good time, and damn it, they are going to laugh! It feels so great, as a performer, to inspire the audience that way. To lead them… powerful stuff. 🙂

Anyway, tonight I am running around like a crazy person, even though we don’t have a show. I am going to book it to Zipcar after work to pick up my card, then jam out to Staten Island to drop off my security deposit. Yeehaw. Hope I get home before 9!

On an offhand note, I hate that stupid bong…shhheeeeeeeeeeEEEEBAP! sound that plays every 2 minutes on the Rush Limbaugh station. Stupid conservative businessmen who listen to that crap on their office radios… that is all.