Woosh. Yesterday was a Looooong day. I had to jet right after work to Zipcar so I could pick up my card. They closed at 5:30, so I couldn’t waste any time. According to googlemaps, if I left Zipcar by 5:15, I could get to my new place around 7 (I had to drop off my apartment and sign the lease). Yeah… that didn’t work out so well. I walked the wrong way a few times, had to wait for the train forever, missed the 5:45 ferry, took the 6:00 ferry, waited for the bus, waited while the bus driver smoked, and then rode the rickety, nearly falling apart bus for 45 minutes. Awesome. Then, while I was singing the lease, I found out that boyfriend and his friend were in SI, around the ferry. I got on the SIR, and tried to meet them there for the 9pm ferry back, but we missed that too. Then, once I was finally back in manhattan (around 10), I had to take 2 trains home. Didn’t get back til 11:15ish.

Yup. Now I’m signing up for utilities and all that jazz, realizing that the downside to living alone is that I’m now paying all these bills by myself. YAY!

Today we’re packing. And packing. And possibly taking my bed apart.

As far as theater goes, apparently there is a reviewer from the Times going to one of the other shows on Thursday, and he originally was supposed to go to our show on Monday. Poop. I feel like that one show is getting all the publicity, and no one is mentioning that there are 6 or 7 other evenings of shows… At least I’m having fun.

I could go for a big ‘ol steak.