Hooray for a step in the right direction. Yes, it is, in fact, unconstitutional to deny rights to human beings based on sexual orientation. Way to read the constitution and understand that! I know there is still a battle ahead, but I welcome the battle, because it means that there is a chance for equality and civil rights to prevail in the end. And I can’t wait to be invited to my first gay wedding. 🙂

Anyway. Last night I started packing up. I think I got some good work done. I packed up the clothes I won’t be wearing in the next few days, packed up my shoes, emptied out my closet (for the most part), and de-trashed the room. Tonight I have to finish up the closet, pack up the rest of my kitchen stuff, do the bathroom, rebox some old boxes to consolidate, pack up my DVDs & such, do the linens, and take the bed apart. Shouldn’t be too hard, especially with the help of my excellent boyfriend.

I am looking forward to when I can calm down and stop stressing.

There are a ton of performances of my shows this weekend, I really hope that people can make it.

Pig Robbery at 5pm Saturday

Pig Robbery at 8pm Saturday

Queen’s Privy/Pig Robbery at 10:30pm Saturday

Queen’s Privy/Pig Robbery at 4pm Sunday.