So today is the day when the move begins! I can’t believe that I did this so quick, that I found such a cool place, and that in 2 weeks, my life has taken this cool new direction. 🙂

I’ve spent this morning getting psyched for makeup school! Been watching tutorial videos on my new favorite site, I’m so excited to get started, and I’m even more excited to see my kit! AAAH! $850 worth of makeup and tools… fantastic. I just have to exercise some prudence and not use it all on myself, haha! Class starts Monday evening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally learn some more skills, and be on my way to having a fabulous side-career.

The final shows of Pig Robbery and Queen’s Privy are this weekend, and I’ve just been handed some news about discount codes for the last shows (contact me for details). Just to remind y’all, Saturday there are 2 shows of just Pig Robbery (part of the theme night Is That A Corncob In Your Pocket?) at 5 and 8, and a showing of both Queen’s Privy and Pig Robbery (part of the theme night No Holes Barred) at 10:30. Then the final performance of No Holes Barred is at 4pm on Sunday. Please come check it out, I’m really proud of where these shows have come, and I’ve had so much fun being a part of them.

That’s about it for now, I’ll let you know on Monday how the move went. I’m so jazzed!