Friday night we checked out the car, then headed back to Astoria. Boyfriend took my bed apart (thank you SO much), then we loaded up the bed pieces, my mattress, and the essentials. We drove over to Staten Island (getting a little sidetracked along the way), and after I paid my landlord for the month of August, we unloaded the few things we’d brought. I set up my bed, and we called it a night.

Saturday, we woke up fairly early. I kept opening my eyes and thinking “This place is mine!” Even in the bathroom, it kept making me smile. “This is my bathroom! MINE!” We got back in the truck, and stopped on the way home to have breakfast at Perkins (steak and eggs… yes). We hit a bit of traffic back on the BQE, but made it back in pretty good time. Then came the major challenge: Could we get the rest of my stuff back in one trip? That might have been easy to do in a regular size pickup, but the bed on this one was a little shorter than I had hoped. I had a fair amount of stuff, so we really weren’t sure if it would all fit. I had a few large boxes, several small boxes, a large suitcase, a small suitcase, my guitar and keyboard, a hamper full of clothes, a TV, a dresser, a nightstand, and a lamp. And it took some serious maneuvering, but we did it! I don’t know how boyfriend managed to drive all the way there with such a limited view out the back window, but he did it. We unloaded the truck again, and pretty quick, too. After little bit of strategizing on how we would spend the rest of the afternoon (I had to be at the theater at 4:30, which meant I had to leave boyfriend’s place by 3:30, and it was 1:30 when we left Staten Island), we headed back to Flushing. We hit a lot of traffic on the way back, but I did make it back to the apartment with enough time to shower and make it to the theater on time.

The shows. We had a performance of Pig Robbery at 5, then another one at 8. THEN, we had Queen’s Privy and Pig Robbery again at 10:30… Needless to say, we were punch drunk tired. I think I laughed so hard I did the equivalent of 50 situps. Our late night audience was AMAZING. I don’t know if they were drunk, young, or just as crazy as we were, but they really loved everything we did, and we loved performing for them. Afterwards, I headed back to Flushing. I couldn’t get enough sleep.

All that was left was QP and PR at 4pm on Sunday. My sister came in from CT to see them, which was great. I think my cast and I were still recovering from Saturday, but we had a great last show, and afterwards there was a little awards ceremony to celebrate the end of the festival. We didn’t win anything, but it was a nice way to close things up. Then boyfriend and I headed BACK to Flushing…

I would say that I’ll be recovering further from this weekend tonight, BUT… tonight I start classes at Chic Studios! I’m going back to Staten Island after class, so please pray that the transit gods are on my side and I get home before midnight. Hooray life. 🙂