So last night/today was the first time I did the city commute. Last night was from DUMBO to Staten Island, and this morning it was from Staten Island to Midtown Manhattan. Yikes.

So since the International CringeFest is now over, I am attending classes to become a professional makeup artist! I’m really excited to add this skill set to my repertoire. Last night was the first class in the 4-week course. We went over some basic stuff, and found out a few of the things we’re going to be learning in the course. Classes are Monday through Thursday, for the month of August. I’m jazzed. 🙂

As far as theater goes, I know I’ll be able to market my skills as a makeup artist to the arts community as well. I’ll be very interested to learn more about makeup in the theater, and how best I can apply myself. It would be great to network with different theaters and production companies, and maybe get to audition for them later.

Kenny will be letting us know who from the industry came to see our shows, i’ll let you know as well.

I’m just going to have to learn how to maximize my time, using the long commute as an opportunity to get things done… or sleep. Sleep is good too.