Yesterday was better getting home. I still missed the 10:50pm bus, but at least I was cool about it.

Anyway. Yesterday we did some more drills, got our brush kits, and learned about how to match foundation. Today, we are going to watch a basic application! Very excited to finally get to this part. And, not only that, but we also get our kits today! Looking at Makeup Geek, I am really starting to become aware of how much product you actually need to have, as a makeup artist. I think I might have to set out a portion of my monthly budget to spend on makeup supplies, and spend it no matter what. There’s plenty that I can be getting to provide the best options to clients. The challenge will be to not spend OVER that amount… Also, to not use too much of this stuff on myself. I might have to lock this stuff in a safe.

Oh, I wish I wasn’t broke. Money (And food) are nice things to have.

I just got an email from the AMDA alumni association, advertising a few workshops they’re offering next month. I hope I responded in time to secure a spot. Knowing how many AMDA alums are in the city (pretty much 1 out of every 10 people you meet went to AMDA at some point), they might’ve been filled in seconds. But it would be great to attend one (especially the 16 bar workshop with the head of the Integrated Program), and a good way to check back in with them to show them my progress. Man, I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since I graduated… INSANE.