So yeah. Not sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day anymore, I acutally have to find time to sit down and write on this blog. And since my life has been thrown out of the routine it’s been in for 2 years, I wasn’t really feeling like finding that time. I’ve been taking it easy. Well, not too easy.

I finished the Basic Beauty Makeup Artistry course at Chic Studios. Man, that was one of the greatest ideas I ever had, because that was some serious fun. I met some fantastic people that will hopefully be friends and colleagues for a long time. I also discovered that I am pretty darn good as a makeup artist, and I actually have a chance of making it in this profession. Having Chic really helped me through the initial shock of losing my job, and I’m so glad I had the program and the people there to provide some direction and laughs.

I’ve had 2 interviews for a makeup counter position at Macy’s Herald Square. Everything that I’ve heard so far leads me to believe that the job will begin late September, early October. I’m still going to apply at some other places in the meantime. Definitely cosmetics retail.

I went to the Cats call last week. I didn’t get called back… that’s OK. Someday it will be the right time, and I will get to go on that tour.

Unity church is awesome.

My apartment is great. If only I had furniture.

That’s it for now. I promise to get back to posting regularly. I just needed a break. Back to life, back to reality.