Not a lot to report today. A very lazy day spent in Flushing. I might be hooking up with a photog in Staten Island to collaborate on some shoots, makeup of course. I’m looking for jobs, hopefully in some cosmetic capacity. I just have the problem of a couple of my previous employers having closed, and therefore unable to give references…

Here’s my issue with that: why should it matter? i worked at my last place for 2 straight years. yes, they fired me, but they gave me a letter of recommendation, and i suppose if you called them, they’d be gracious enough not to bad mouth me. So why should it matter what the person i worked for 4 years ago for 3 months think of me? i mean, they probably don’t even remember who I am! What am I supposed to do? THE PLACE CLOSED!

Rant over… but seriously. I would like a retail job in cosmetics, and unfortunately, 2 of my last 4 places of employment have closed, and the third has moved and i have no idea if my boss is even there anymore, since i haven’t talked to her since 2007… So what’s a girl to do? shouldn’t i be rewarded for working at the same place for 2 years?

Anyway, i need some headshots. boo.