After the gig on Monday, I used the awesome powers of networking to book another makeup gig! I’ll be doing a photo shoot next Saturday, conveniently on Staten Island. Yay.

I also reserved my space to go to a lecture by my new favorite author/guru, Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s called “The Universe Has Your Back,” and it’s on the 30th. I’m totally jazzed for it, and hopefully I can network there too. It’ll also be great to get a nice boost for my spiritual growth. I gotta use my free time now to get in proper alignment, and that way I can attract the perfect job. And since group thought is incredibly powerful, let’s all pray together for me to get the perfect, part time, well paying, flexible, makeup/theater related job! Thanks guys! 🙂

Spent today washing brushes, tossing out old products, and reorganizing my personal makeup collection. It needs work, but it’ll be good for now. I ordered some brushes off ebay, hopefully they’ll be of sufficient quality to serve my needs. I will be super happy when my personal collection is comparable to my professional kit.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m ready for the perfect job to come into my life, and ready to reach my potential. Hoo-ah.