Did step class with Sofija last night. Good class, I just wish I could get the steps down like some of the other ladies! They’re even adding on, making it harder, and I’m better than most (having a dance background helps), but I still struggle sometimes. And what’s with all the jumping?!? Can I start a gym specifically for people with bad knees? Where jumping isn’t considered the be-all, end-all form of exercise? My knees have been killing me lately, what with all the gym-ing and jumping. TENDONITIS! What can I do? Knee replacement better become a lot cheaper and more effective, because I will be lining up for a couple of those in a few years.

Anyway, tonight I’ll be seeing Parent’s Evening at The Flea. I’m excited to get back there, maybe see some people I haven’t seen in a while. And just to reconnect to the theater, in all its glory. Man I love The Flea. What a fantastic place to work and to see fantastic work. Hope I can get back in a play there soon! (Come on schedule, make it happen)

This week’s remaining mini goals are: buy another play (i should probably finish reading The Three Sisters tho), survey actor friends about scene study classes they like, and to see a show… Hey Hey Hey! Checking that one off tonight.

Life is beautiful.